Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Hudson Horrors


Make sure to purchase a General Admission or VIP Ticket ONLINE. It is the only way to guarantee entry at Hudson Horrors.  Tickets are sold by arrival time which helps enable you to plan your night out better as well as skip the long box office lines.  A limited number are sold each night so get yours today. (NOTE: general admission tickets are not “skip the line” tickets. The time listed on your ticket is your arrival time not entry time.  Wait times vary depending on the night. For faster entry, purchase a VIP ticket)

Outside take as many photos as you’d like with monsters and other entertainers and feel free to grab a snack and drink.  While inside there are no food, drinks, bottles, recording devices, photography, videography, smoking or flashlights allowed. (please see a complete list of posted warnings here)

No masks or hand held items are allowed inside (this means your phone too).  If you come in costume please leave your mask and accessories in your car. Face paint is acceptable.  No hoods.

Mistreating any Hudson Horrors performer will result in being ejected without refund. There is absolutely NO touching of the performers.  We consider that an assault, and it will be treated as such.

Wearing heels or flip flops are not allowed as they are potential tripping hazards for you, our valued guests.

There is absolutely NO smoking, NO lighters, and no weapons of any kind inside of Hudson Horrors or on our queue lines.  You may be wanded by a security guard or police officer at the entrance gate. You may smoke outside just off the queue line.  Please do not smoke or vape on the queue line.

There are no open containers of any kind, no outside food or drinks (open or unopened) allowed past security check point.  We don’t allow drunk or stoned individuals into the park or haunted attractions.


If you purchase your ticket in advance please check in at the box office where lines are marked “Online Sales” so you can receive your event wristband.  If you purchased a VIP ticket you will also receive your t-shirt and concession coupons with your band.  

For peak nights we highly recommend purchasing a VIP ticket in advance as this will greatly reduce your wait in line or eliminate it all together.  We sell only a very limited number of VIP tickets so expect a much shorter wait than with any other method.


We provide onsite parking at Hudson Horrors.  Book early time slots to take advantage of onsite parking.  Parking is located at the rear of the Rye Playland Park parking lot.  

Upon entering Hudson Horrors, proceed directly to the ticket booth to check in and receive your wrist band.  After you have checked in you may proceed to your designated entrance – General Admission or VIP. 

The show starts as soon as you arrive, while you wait to enter expect to be entertained by monsters and other performers.  Feel free to take pictures with them, they love the spotlight.

Guests enter in max groups of up to 10.  For groups larger than 10 that we split up at the entrance, If you stop to wait for your friends inside the attraction, you are doing yourselves a great injustice as well as causing other groups to catch up to you and you to catch up to other groups.

On peak nights, we aim for a minimum group capacity of at least 4 guests per group.  Therefore, groups of 2-3 will be added to other groups to reach a minimum capacity of 4-5.  If it is important that you are together only with your own group, please book a minimum of 4 tickets on peak Friday/Saturday nights in October when we are busiest.

If you come on an off peak night (typically a weekday night or Sunday) expect there to be more space in between you and the group in front of you (unless of course the group in front of you walks slower than a pack of zombies).  Significantly less people attend early in the month and on Thursdays and Sundays, therefore, we are able to offer longer spacing for traveling through the haunted houses. This changes on nights the closer we get to Halloween.

If you come on a peak night or on one of the busiest nights of the year, expect an action packed and terrifying experience with an energy like no other. But also expect there to be less spacing between you and the group in front of you.  

If it’s important for you to have a more “alone” feeling at the haunted house, come earlier in the month, or on Sunday.  If you enjoy the energy and excitement that is fueled by more people, attend on a Friday/Saturday, or later in the month. Either way, we are confident that you will enjoy your experience!

Final note: on our busy weekend nights closer to Halloween, we can sell out. To ensure your entry, purchase tickets online in advance; you can do this any time during our season, up to the day you plan to attend. Those of you that are tech savvy can even purchase your tickets online from your smartphone on your way to the haunted house! Your tickets are emailed to you immediately, you can pull them up on your smartphone screen and we can scan them at the entrance right on your phone. If you have an online ticket in hand, you will get in that night. However, in the event of a sellout night, our on-site box office will close early. Don’t worry though, we stay open until the last ticketed patron in line is through all haunted houses and events!


You will wait on line.  Buying your tickets ahead of time does not mean you do not wait on line to get into the attractions.  Only VIP ticket holders get immediate or near immediate access to the haunted attractions.

If you or anyone in your group needs special arrangements for a disabled member of your group, or individual who may not be able to wait on line for extended period of time, please email us with specifics and we will work with you and your group to ensure your comfort while you wait.  Please understand, we are not able to offer free upgrades to those who have long drives back home, have kids to get to bed, are waiting longer than their desired or expected time, etc. Every effort is made to get everyone into the attractions in a timely manner. However, if you come during peak hours, your wait may be extended and we are unable to specify by how much. Please plan accordingly.

Can Children Attend Hudson Horrors?

We recommend Hudson Horrors for ages 16 and up.

How long is the Hudson Horrors experience?

The experience usually takes about 45 minutes to walk through.

Is the event wheelchair accessible?

Hudson Horrors is handicapped accessible, as there are no stairs to negotiate through the installation. However, it is a walk-through experience along uneven, unpaved, soft-surface flooring.

Are there nearby dining options?

We have tasty fall-themed food selections including beer and wine. 

Can I go on a sold out night?

Sorry, but when we are sold out, we do not have any tickets at the door. You recommend purchasing your tickets online to ensure you don’t miss out on this event. 

Is there parking at Hudson Horrors?

Yes there is ample parking at Rye Playland.  Hudson Horrors parking is located at the rear of the lot as the attraction entrance is located at the rear of the park.

What’s your weather policy?

Hudson Horrors is held rain or shine. If you elect not to attend, your tickets are neither refundable nor exchangeable. If you purchase ticket insurance, you can exchange for another date/time (as long as tickets are available).  In poor weather, ticket holders should consult local weather forecasts for their own area and make their own determination about whether to set out for the evening’s event. The haunt is completely covered.  

An event may be canceled by Hudson Horrors if, in its sole judgment, extreme weather or other conditions could jeopardize the safety of visitors, volunteers, and staff. Generally, rain, snow flurries, or showers would not lead us to cancel, but extremely heavy rain, thunder, and lightning, very strong wind; blizzard conditions, heavy icing, or a prediction of such conditions could force us to do so. If Hudson Horrors determines that conditions warrant canceling an event, we will post a message on our facebook/Instagram pages and an email will be sent out to ticket holders. 


Are tickets refundable?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds, no exchanges, and no credits for future purchases UNLESS ticket insurance is previously purchased.  Insurance allows you to exchange your tickets for another date/time (not same day) as long as tickets are available. However, your tickets can be re-sold, given away, or donated.


Will the actors grab me?

We have a no- touch rule for both characters and visitors.