Three Brand New Haunted Houses at Rye Playland

Grady Manor

Dr. Tobias Henry Grady lived a simple life with his wife Clara and daughter Amelia at Grady Manor. Little did the family know that Dr. Tobias Grady had been collecting bodies for various horrific experimentations trying to discover exactly where the soul lives within the body. 

L.P. Doll Makers, Inc.

On Amelia's 6th birthday her father Dr. Tobias Grady wanted to get her the perfect gift...a custom made doll that is so lifelike that it'd bewitch the imagination of young Amelia. Dr. Grady had discovered how to rip the souls from his experiments and little did he know that the misplaced souls would seek to inhabit any vessel they could for life. Many of the souls made their way to a nearby doll makers shop...where Dr. Grady would later commission the doll for his daughters birthday. Some say the dolls are alive. Some say they are possessed. Learn for yourself at L.P. Doll Makers, Inc.   

HavenBrook Hospital

This abandoned hospital is now home to the unholy experiments performed by Dr. Grady. Using fear and pain to rip the souls from his victims, the hospital was the epicenter of his hellish deeds. Many spirits still roam the halls of the hospital and you will have to decide for yourself if the soul can manifest and latch onto locations such as the HavenBrook Hospital.